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August 31, 2020

NACAC Issues Report on Testing

A piece up on Inside Higher Ed shines a lantern on how NACAC is essentially urging colleges to remain test-optional.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling, an organization to which we are a member, has published a report that essentially calls on colleges to reconsider testing requirements in the admissions process post-pandemic. You see, while so many elite universities have gone test-optional this year due to the pandemic, NACAC is urging these schools to stay test-optional in the years to come — to make these temporary test-optional policies more permanent. As we have suggested on the pages of our college admissions blog over the months since this pandemic began, we foresee many schools staying test-optional in the years to come. Indeed we believe there is some truth to the notion that once you go test-optional, you don’t go back.

And NACAC isn’t leaving it to change by calling on these schools to reconsider their longterm testing policies. As Scott Jaschik reports for Insider Higher Ed in a piece entitled “Thinking Twice About Testing,” “The report does not state definitively that colleges shouldn’t require a test, but it says that the assumptions of colleges when they adopted testing requirements may no longer be true. ‘Time has changed much about the founding purposes and assumptions behind these [standardized] exams,’ says the report. ‘Indeed, the very notions of finding ‘diamonds in the rough’ and even the ‘common yardstick’ are culturally suspect. Are not all students capable of success if given equal opportunity?'”

It will be interesting to see just what kind of change is around the bend for many of America’s elite universities with respect to their testing requirements. Do our readers think many of these institutions will choose to remain test-optional after this nightmarish year for College Board and ACT ends? Do our readers think these schools will return to business as usual by requiring the submission of test scores? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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