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March 4, 2020

More Test Cancelations in Asia

The Wall Street Journal reports on test cancelations across Asia due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

We previously reported that the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL have been canceled across mainland China for the months of February and March due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. But it seems those won’t be the only upcoming testing cancelations in Asia. Testing sites have also been closed in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Thailand. So what are international applicants in these nations to do if they hope to apply next year to America’s highly selective universities? For now, just sit tight. It’s really all students can do.

Coronavirus Spread Leads to Shuttering of Test Centers

As Patrick Thomas reports for The Wall Street Journal in a piece entitled “Some International Test Sites for College Admissions Are Shut on Virus Fears,” “ETS had more than 375 testing centers in China and is prepared to expand capacity there if the centers reopen as planned in April, the spokeswoman said. She also noted that spring isn’t the busiest test-taking period because it is typically late in the admissions cycle for most schools. The ACT, a college-entrance exam alternative to the SAT, closed its test centers in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand at the request of local officials for its February international test date, and it will give students who were signed up the option to take the test on any future international test date at no charge or receive a refund of their registration fee, according to Tarah DeSousa, a spokeswoman for the ACT.

Students in Nations with Canceled Testing Should Prepare to Test in the Spring

We know it’s totally frustrating for students who have diligently prepped for these exams in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, and other nations gravely impacted by the spread of coronavirus, but there’s no reason to stress about when these exams will be administered because it’s not in student’s control. It’s not as though they can fly to another country to take these exams — not when citizens of these countries face travel restrictions. So just keep prepping for the tests and, hopefully, the exams will be administered in the spring so you have multiple opportunities to take the tests before the fall college application deadline.

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