More Details on UVA’s Class of 2023

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UVA has released more intel on its Class of 2023 (photo credit: Karen Blaha).

Just a few months ago, we reported on the admissions statistics for the University of Virginia Class of 2023. As our readers may remember, 40,815 students applied in all between Early Action and Regular Decision in the hope of earning a spot in the Class of 2023. Of these students, 9,725 of these applicants earned admission. The overall admit rate thus stood at 24% for the UVA Class of 2023. But back when we reported on the admissions statistics of UVA’s incoming class, there weren’t many numbers available beyond the Early Action, Regular Decision, and overall admit rates and application totals (as well as the number of in-staters who earned admission). Well, we’ve got more for our readers now!

First-Generation and Underrepresented Minority Student Numbers Rise at UVA

As reports Whitelaw Reid for UVA Today in a piece entitled “Warm Welcome Prepares New Hoos to Step Out on Their Own,” “This fall, UVA will have a record 509 first-generation students, which represents 12.8% of the incoming first-year class, up from 11.1% last year. The number of first-generation students has increased in each of the last four years. In addition, nearly 35% of the Class of 2023 will be composed of minority students, a figure that has risen four percentage points since 2014.”

We love to see that UVA admitted more first-generation college students than ever before in the university’s storied history, a history that goes back to the times of President Thomas Jefferson. And we love to see that the percentage of underrepresented minorities is on the rise as well — particularly in light of the fact that the aforementioned Jefferson, who founded the University of Virginia, was a slave owner.


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