Monday Morning QB and Applications

Monday Morning QBing and Apps, Application Proofing, Proof College Applications

Are you a college application Monday morning quarterback?

For students who have applied Early Decision or Early Action and have already submitted their applications to these schools, it is our recommendation that they not go through their Early applications again. At least for now, that is. Because, in our experience, students will drive themselves nuts. They’ll drive themselves nuts when they see typos in their Personal Statement, in their supplemental essays. They’ll drive themselves nuts when they realize they probably should have answered a certain prompt differently. They’ll drive themselves nuts when they realize they reported their testing incorrectly. Of course, our students at Ivy Coach don’t make these kinds of mistakes. We spend extensive time with our students perfecting their applications and proofing every last detail. But we know students who are not our clients do make such mistakes.

And so to those students who are not our clients, don’t look at those applications. There is nothing to gain and you’ll only stress yourself out unnecessarily. What good does discovering a typo do now? You can’t fix it. Although you can fix these kinds of mistakes for the Regular Decision round should you not gain admission to your Early Decision or Early Action school(s). And you should not be waiting until you find out from the Early school(s) to start working on those applications as you, quite simply, won’t have the time to turn in outstanding applications that are uniquely tailored for the individual schools.

So while we recommend that students not look at their Early applications again, we will make an exception. If you’d like us to review the application so you don’t make the same kinds of costly mistakes in the Regular Decision round, we’d be happy to do so during a one-hour evaluation. At least there is a productive component to this review. Simply finding a typo and then stressing about that typo for weeks is not productive (although be sure not to submit that same typo to Regular Decision colleges if you end up applying through Regular Decision).

If you’re interested in a review of your Early application, fill out a free consultation form so you can learn about the one-hour evaluation in which we’d go through that application. You may end up hearing things you don’t want to hear. But it’s better you hear these things than make the same kinds of mistake during Regular Decision — wouldn’t you say?


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