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There was a “CBS This Morning” segment on a group of women who dub themselves “the pushy moms” as they help underprivileged youth earn admission to college.

There was a segment yesterday on “CBS This Morning” focusing on college admissions and since most folks we know are either watching “Good Morning America” or “The Today Show” (although we do love Charlie Rose, Robin Roberts is our favorite), we figured we’d share it on the pages of our college admissions blog. The segment featured “the pushy moms,” a group of mothers in New York City who after helping their own children earn admission to great schools now help underprivileged young people. The segment is part of “CBS This Morning’s” series entitled “A More Perfect Union,” which during this divisive time in American politics focuses on folks coming together.

As reported by “CBS This Morning,” “Most of the students at LaGuardia Community College come from families earning less than $25,000 a year. Many are first-generation college students, and some are there for a second chance after dropping out of other schools. For those interested in transferring to a four-year college, it can be an overwhelming process. That’s where the ‘pushy moms’ come in, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller. At a diner in Queens, Peire Wilson listens to advice that may help him reach his goal of becoming an entertainment lawyer. Big dreams require attention to small details.”

That’s a really nice story. We always raise an eyebrow when a mother thinks she can help other students get into top schools just because her child happened to earn admission to a top school (e.g., they surely don’t know all of the secrets or even many of them, they’re not experts on the admissions process, and helping one’s child get into a top school is no track record, etc.), we applaud their commitment to helping underprivileged youth (hopefully) improve their odds of getting into top American universities.

For many years, we helped several underpriviledged students annually on a pro bono basis earn admission to the colleges of their dreams and many of these students — some of whom are now working adults — still keep in touch with us. We wish we could continue helping underprivileged young people on a pro bono basis but our commitment over the last couple of years has been to helping America’s veterans on a pro bono basis. And so we applaud these pushy moms for their good work. Hopefully they’re giving mostly good advice.


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