Mistakes in College Applications

College App Mistakes, Mistakes in College Apps, College Application Mistakes

Do proofread your essays. Don’t have Mommy and Daddy call admissions officers. And don’t be trite in your essays.

Our Founder, Bev Taylor, was recently featured in an article in “AM New York” about tips for avoiding mistakes in college applications. In the article on college applications, the writer, Lambeth Hochwald, tells high school seniors to let the admissions committee get to know you. It’s very true. Your application — and your college admissions essays — should shed insight into who you are and what you’re all about. Hochwald also recommends that high school seniors tailor each of their applications. Do you know how many students essentially submit the same essay to various colleges? You really don’t think an admissions office is astute enough to recognize that when you write Duke has a beautiful campus, you likely used that same exact line for Northwestern? And Middlebury, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Harvard. Of course you’ve got to tailor each part of the application for the individual college.

Hochwald also recommends that students don’t write essays that are full of trite statement after trite statement. It’s amazing how many college admissions essays are utterly trite when you break them down by the numbers. We’d venture to say that upwards of 90% of them are trite. And that would be on the low end. It’s probably more like 99%. High school seniors just don’t seem to understand that which is trite. It’s something we teach them during our process. And your college admissions essays shouldn’t be a downer either. Says Bev in the piece, “”Also, you don’t want the admission person to feel down by reading your essay. Your essay can be the tipping point to getting into a college, so say who you are and make the most of it.”

Hochwald also offers the tips of don’t forget to proofread. No kidding. Submitting college admissions essays filled with grammatical errors and typos is a very bad idea. And Hochwald implores students not to have their parents contact admissions officers on your behalf. Mommy and Daddy should not be reaching out to admissions officers! Oy vey. Avoid these mistakes in college applications at all cost.


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