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More minority students applied to Dartmouth College this year than any year in its history.

In an article published in “The Dartmouth” today, Dartmouth’s Director of Admission Outreach, James Washington, cited a 27% increase in minority applicants to the college. He also cited a 24% increase in international applicants to the college. Both of these statistics reflect Dartmouth’s (as well as many other colleges’) efforts to recruit students from all different backgrounds all over the world. The increases in minority college applicants and international college applicants are likely the rewards of the latest admissions outreach efforts.

According to Washington, “A lot of the growth in our pool is from international and students of color. It means our outreach efforts are producing results.” But can these students afford the cost of admission to Dartmouth? Many cannot, particularly since Dartmouth has the second highest tuition rate among all Ivy League colleges (Columbia University has the highest tuition). And with Dartmouth’s decision to cease offering loans to students whose parents earn over $75,000, there may be even greater reason for concern over whether or not their admitted minority applicants actually matriculate. The data on college yield will be coming in shortly.

Check out the article in “The D” by Daniel Bornstein on the climb in minority applications. And check out our post on Minority University Applicants.


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