Million Dollar Guarantee

Yes, we hear some of your snickers. Yes, we see some of your eye rolls. But, yes,¬†you read this headline correctly. At Ivy Coach, for students who are signed up under our Million Dollar Guarantee package, we will guarantee admission to their first choice college or they will receive their million dollars back in full, guaranteed. Yes, we realize that not every family can afford this option. Yes, we realize that some have criticized us for “helping the rich get richer.” But, for many, one million dollars doesn’t seem like a whole lot, in context, when it ends up costing over a third of a million dollars to finance a college education. Our argument is: Why not pay to ensure that this third of a million dollars goes to a great college rather than a good college? Indeed, after reviewing your child’s top choice college, transcript, testing, and other information, we will let you know if we will take on his or her case if you wish to work under our Million Dollar Guarantee. So, in other words, no, we’re not going to work with your ‘C’ student with a 25 ACT score whose top college choice is Harvard. Not happening. Not now, not ever.

Million-Dollar-GuaranteeWe can help your child get into a college that he or she wouldn’t otherwise be able to get into. But we can’t make the impossible possible. We’re not the 1980 USA Olympic men’s ice hockey team. And if we don’t do our job successfully — if your child doesn’t gain admission to his or her top college choice (once approved by us) — you will get every dollar back. Every. Single. Dollar. We’ve actually never had to do this, because every student who has signed up for this package previously has earned admission to that stretch school, to that dream school.

And to you critics, we make no apology. To the IECA, the “Independent Educational Consultants Association,” an organization of private college counseling firms that, ironically, charges what we believe to be an exorbitant fee just to be a member, know that we believe¬†membership in your organization isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. So when we first publicized that we offer a Million Dollar Guarantee and you threatened to cancel our membership, know that we snickered. Because you have no right to dictate what we, as an organization, can and cannot charge. You have no right to attempt to restrain our trade. You have no right to restrict the rights granted to us in a founding, guiding document of our nation, the United States Constitution. To suggest otherwise, we believe, is anti-American. And to those of you who suggest that we help the rich get richer, we don’t deny this. We don’t deny our success nor do we deny our clientele. But we also help many folks each year on a pro bono basis, including some of America’s veterans. To the IECA, we ask: What have you done today? What time out of your day have you given, at no charge, to people looking to achieve their dreams?

Interested in our Million Dollar Guarantee? If so, fill out our consultation form and indicate “Million Dollar Guarantee” in the box that allows for comments. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss this package.


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