Million Dollar Admission Guarantee

College Admission Guarantee, Ivy League Guarantee, University Admission Guarantee

Ivy Coach offers a one-million dollar guarantee or your money back. In full.

Yes, we know. We just elicited some eye rolls. Roll your eyes all you’d like. We offer a one-million dollar admission guarantee at Ivy Coach. After a review of your child’s transcript and testing along with their first college choice, under our Million Dollar Guarantee package, we will guarantee that your child, with Ivy Coach’s help, will earn admission to his or her first choice college — or you will get every dollar of your money back in full from us. We’ve been offering this Million Dollar Guarantee for a while now and, it should be noted, we’ve never had to give a cent back. Not once. Because they get in.

We’ve gotten some flack for offering this Million Dollar Guarantee but here’s what we have to say to these naysayers: If we wish to work for free, who are they to tell us that we can’t? And who are they to tell us what we can or cannot charge? They may not be able to command such fees, but we do. Telling us what we can or cannot charge is anti-American. Frankly, it’s communist. And we are proud Americans at Ivy Coach. Ivy Coach is a great American entrepreneurial success story — growing from a high school counselor’s side gig in the early 1990’s into the world’s premiere college consulting firm. We are also proudly in the service of America’s veterans, helping several veterans a year earn admission to highly selective colleges on a pro bono basis.

The fact is that there are folks who use our service for whom a million dollars isn’t all that significant. That’s an important piece these naysayers seem to be missing. And these folks are willing to donate several million to a university. Of course, donating money to a university will not guarantee an applicant’s admission (though of course it can help — depending on the amount, when it’s donated, etc.). We tell these folks that they can surely give their money to colleges or they can give less money to us…and we’ll get their child in (or they can do both!).

Criticize us. Roll your eyes. Laugh at us. But there are a couple folks reading this blog who aren’t laughing. They’re filling out our form and indicating they’re interested in the Million Dollar Guarantee.

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