Mike Bloomberg Proposes Ending Legacy Admission

The most generous college donor happens to be running for President of the United States. And this week he pledged to fight to end legacy admissions (photo credit: Rubenstein).

As our loyal readers know all too well, we at Ivy Coach have been calling for an end to the practice of offering preferential treatment to the progeny of a university’s alumni base — to the practice of legacy admissions — for many years. Recently, we applauded Johns Hopkins University for joining the ranks of the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in claiming they will no longer offer preferential treatment to the children or grandchildren of their alumni. But we did ask that Johns Hopkins’ admissions office release data to the public on the percentage of legacy admits over the next few years so we can check to make sure their announcement wasn’t just PR fluff and has real meat to it. Johns Hopkins has yet to announce the school will publicly release this data…surprise, surprise!

But while we wait for JHU to show us those numbers, Johns Hopkins’ favorite son — a man who so happens to be the most generous donor to any university in our nation — declared that he wishes to end the practice of legacy admission at universities across the land. Johns Hopkins’ favorite son can call for such change and he just might be able to bring about this change. After all, Johns Hopkins’ favorite son is running for President of the United States. His name is Mike Bloomberg. And, a man of his times, he called for an end to legacy admission in an Insta story today!

Mike Bloomberg Calls for End to Legacy Admissions

As Lauren Camera reports for US News & World Report in a piece entitled “Mike Bloomberg Pledges to Eliminate Legacy Preference in College Admissions,” “Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged Tuesday to eliminate legacy preferences in college and university admissions if elected president. ‘I will make the application process fairer, by working to end legacy preference in admissions, so that genes no longer take precedence over grades,’ Bloomberg said in a statement. The pitch – though just one line in a much more comprehensive college affordability plan – sets Bloomberg apart from the rest of the Democratic presidential candidates by taking direct aim at a policy that many say has long perpetuated inequality in higher education.”

A Salute to Mayor Bloomberg, Johns Hopkins University’s Favorite Son

Ivy Coach salutes Mayor Bloomberg for differentiating himself from his rivals by calling for an end to the practice of legacy admissions. It’s one thing to say that America’s educational system should be more equitable. It’s quite another to suggest tangible ways to make it more equitable, like — for one — ending the anachronistic practice of legacy admissions. It is certainly no surprise to us that Mike Bloomberg, the upstart presidential contender, has ideas to make our colleges — and our country — stronger.


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  • Ira Goodman MD says:

    I have been following your service and emails with great interest. I mostly agree with your positions. I have recently finished a book entitled Lion Dad: How I nudged my cub into the Ivy League, A comprehensive guide to elite school admissions. It is close to being published. If you are interested in reviewing it and writing an endorsement which will appear in the book, I will email you excerpts or the entire book. If this is something that you would consider, please let me know.

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