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February 11, 2020

Middlebury College Class of 2024 Admissions Statistics

Middlebury College has released application figures for the Class of 2024 (photo credit: Dogstarsail).

Middlebury College has released Early Decision application and admission figures as well as Regular Decision application figures for its Class of 2024. In all, 9,165 students applied to Middlebury’s Class of 2024 — through Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision. 8,522 applications were received through Regular Decision, while 643 applications were received through either Early Decision I or Early Decision II. In the Early Decision I round, 326 students earned admission (a figure that compares to 297 applicants for the Class of 2023). Middlebury is seeking to cap its Class of 2024 at 705 students.

As Middlebury reports in a press release about its Class of 2024, “’We’re thrilled to welcome the students who were admitted early decision as the first members of the Class of 2024,’ said Middlebury Dean of Admissions Nicole Curvin. ’We’re equally excited as we get to know the regular decision applicants and grateful that there is such a strong interest in Middlebury.’ Curvin noted that nearly 26 percent of the total applicants are students of color and almost 25 percent are international students—percentages that are equal to those of last year when they reached record levels.”

Among applicants to Middlebury’s Class of 2024, New York was the most represented states with 1,113 New York applicants. California followed behind with 959 applicants. Massachusetts (922 applicants), Connecticut (442 applicants) and New Jersey (342 appliants) rounded out the top five. And the most represented nations outside of the United States among Middlebury’s applicants? That would be China, Pakistan, India, Canada, and the United Kingdom, respectively.

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