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April 19, 2018

Middlebury College Class of 2022

Middlebury 2022, Class of 2022 at Middlebury, Middlebury Admissions
Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Middlebury this year (photo credit: Dogstarsail).

The Middlebury College Class of 2022 admissions statistics are in the books and we’ve got them for our readers. So how many students applied to the Middlebury, Vermont-based liberal arts college this year? 9,230, the largest applicant pool in the school’s history and a figure that includes the Early Decision and Regular Decision candidate pools. As our regular readers may remember, 326 students earned admission in the Early Decision I round to the Middlebury Class of 2022. These 326 students were selected out of a batch of 650 applicants — meaning that the Early Decision I admit rate was just over 50%. An additional 73 applicants earned admission to Middlebury’s Class of 2022 back in February after they applied through the Early Decision II program. In all, 1,696 students have earned admission to Middlebury’s incoming class. By our calculus, it means Middlebury’s overall admission rate for the Class of 2022 stood at 18.37%. With an admit rate above 50% in the Early Decision I round and an overall admit rate below 20%, do you think there’s an advantage in applying Early? And, yes, this question is absolutely rhetorical.

The Middlebury Class of 2022

As reports Middlebury in a press release about their incoming class, “The students accepted to the Middlebury Class of 2022 come from 71 countries and all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. The five states with the most admitted students are, in order, New York, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Illinois…The College expects to enroll about 610 students in September 2018 and about 100 in February 2019. The Admissions Office anticipates that about 35 students admitted this year may request a gap year—a comparable number to recent years. Middlebury will award about $13.5 million in need-based financial aid to the class, with roughly 45 percent of the students receiving support.”

We are a bit disappointed to not read more details about the admitted students to Middlebury’s Class of 2022. Middlebury, what percentage of admitted students will be the first in their families to attend college? What percentage of admits are students of color? What percentage of admits are international students? This is the kind of information we’d love to read in future press releases about your incoming classes. It’s the kind of information that makes the press releases for most highly selective colleges — hint, hint.

Congratulations to all students who earned admission to Middlebury this year!

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