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June 14, 2011

MBA Admission

Wall Streeters face tougher odds for admission to top MBA programs (photo credit: JSquish).

If you’re a student seeking to apply for an MBA at a highly competitive university, there are some admissions trends to be aware of. Women, for instance, did quite well in the MBA admission process this year. And so did techies and those with manufacturing backgrounds.

According to “Business Insider,” “At Wharton, at Pennsylvania University, ’nearly 45% of next year’s incoming class will be women, up from 40% last year,’ the deputy director of MBA admissions there told the WSJ. Harvard Business School will record its highest female percentage ever, with 39% of the class of 2013 being women. Other groups that impressed admissions offices, at least at Harvard Business School, people with tech and manufacturing backgrounds.”

Additionally, MBA applicants with backgrounds in finance – from PE to VC to banking and hedge funds – or consulting face tougher odds than in the past. If you’re someone looking to apply to MBA programs, we can help your chances for admission to top programs. Contact us today for a free 30-minute MBA consultation.

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