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March 24, 2021

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2025 Admissions Statistics

It was a record year in admissions for MIT (photo credit: Daderot).

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has released its admissions statistics for the Class of 2025. In the Early Action round, 719 students earned admission out of 15,036 applicants for an Early Action admission rate of 4.78%. In the Regular Decision round, 621 students earned admission out of 18,204 Regular Decision applicants for a Regular Decision admission rate of 3.4%. In total, between the two rounds of admission, 33,240 students applied to MIT’s Class of 2025 and 1,340 earned admission for an overall admission rate of 4.03%. To put these figures in historical perspective, the overall admission rate for the Class of 2024 stood at 7.3% when 1,457 students were admitted out of a pool of 20,075 applicants. This means that for the Class of 2025, applications to MIT spiked by nearly 66%. That’s right. Nearly 66%! While applications skyrocketed at so many elite universities this year, MIT’s astronomical percentage increase is, well, noteworthy.

Applications to MIT’s Class of 2025 Rise Nearly 66%

As Shelley Choi reports for The Tech in a piece entitled “MIT admits 4.0% from unprecedented 33,240 applicants to the Class of 2025,” “Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services Stu Schmill ’86 wrote to The Tech that the Class of 2025 will ’be a bit larger than typical,’ as MIT plans to enroll ’1,100 students from this year’s applicant pool’ as usual in addition to students from the Class of 2024 who deferred enrollment. Schmill wrote he believes that the applicant pool primarily increased due to the ’permanent elimination of the SAT Subject Tests from consideration’ in the process, as well as the suspension of the ’SAT/ACT requirement’ because of the pandemic. Admitted students must decide whether to matriculate by May 3. Schmill added that it’s been an ’incredible year’ reading ’every piece of every application’ and giving them the ’same careful, holistic review we always have.’ ’The admitted students are an exceptionally talented group and we are excited to get to know them better – and have them get to know us better – in the coming weeks through CP*,’ Schmill wrote.”

MIT Helped Usher Out the Era of SAT Subject Tests

Unlike many highly selective universities, MIT didn’t accept SAT Subject Tests this year. They weren’t SAT Subject Test optional. They were SAT Subject Test blind. With respect to SAT Subject Tests, which will no longer be offered in the years to come, MIT’s longtime Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services Stu Schmill really was telling it like it was and we credit MIT and Yale’s banning of the submission of SAT Subject Tests this past admissions cycle with helping ushering out the era of SAT Subject Tests. That being said, we wish Dean Schmill would release the percentage of students who earned admission to MIT’s Class of 2025 without an SAT or ACT score so we can see if the MIT admissions office really was telling it like it was — that applicants with scores enjoyed no advantage over applicants without scores. If this figure is released in the weeks or months to come, we will of course update the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2025 admissions statistics accordingly. In any case, congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Class of 2025!

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