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March 16, 2018

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2022

MIT 2022, 2022 at MIT, MIT Admission
MIT released Regular Decision admissions notifications earlier this week (photo credit: PeterDandy).

On Pi day, as per tradition, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology released its Regular Decision admissions notifications. For the MIT Class of 2022, between the Early Action and Regular Decision rounds, 21,706 students submitted applications to the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based university. In all, 1,464 of these students have earned admission. Of the 21,706 applicants to MIT’s Class of 2022, 9,557 of these students applied in the Early Action cycle. By our arithmetic, that means that an additional 12,149 students applied to MIT in the Regular Decision cycle. Our arithmetic also informs us that since MIT offered admission to 664 students via Early Action, it means 800 students earned admission via Regular Decision. This really is MIT-level mathematics, we know but, hey, MIT didn’t offer this kind of data in its press release so we had to do the math all by ourselves! And we’re not done yet. MIT’s Early Action admit rate for the Class of 2022 stood at 6.9%. Its Regular Decision admit rate isn’t much lower — just a shade under 6.6%.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class of 2022

But we always enjoy good stories over data (although data can often tell a good story too!). Our favorite part of any university’s press release about their incoming class is when they describe specific students in a word or two. So many of our students over the years have been cited in these very press releases, which we always get a kick out of. As MIT’s admissions office reports, “These 1464 students are truly exceptional. The admitted Class of 2022 includes archers and architects, fangirls and farmhands, whizzkids and wunderkinds, from Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Individually they represent more than 60 countries and 1,000 high schools; together, they constitute an incredible community, each contributing a set of rare skills and perspectives while holding in common the highest caliber of cognition and character. We often say we don’t admit numbers to MIT, we admit people. Yet this isn’t quite true either; we admit classes, cohorts which have been curated with care to create the best possible team to climb the mountain that is MIT.”

Congratulations to our students and all students who earned admission to MIT this year! Go eat some pie. We like pie, too.

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