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Ivy Coach does not offer kindergarten prep for admission. We get a number of phone calls about it from Manhattan moms but we don’t do it. And we never will. We do, however, recommend “Say And Play Family” if you need help in this area.

Parents often call us for advice as they and their child navigate the admissions process. We’ll often ask what schools they’re thinking about applying to and every once in a while, a parent will let us know that their child is Pre-K. Yes, Pre-Kindergarten. You read that right. We have an office on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. We are fully aware of the competitive NYC kindergarten admissions process and all that goes into kindergarten prep. But unlike a couple of our competitors, we’re not interested in getting involved this early in the process. Frankly, it’s absurd.

A good writer is a good writer. They can write books, articles, scripts, you name it. The medium doesn’t matter. The same is true of students so, if you’re a Manhattan parent, don’t worry so much that your child isn’t going to get into the best nursery school, and then the best elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and graduate school if your kindergarten admissions essays aren’t perfect. Do we understand your stress? Yes. And we’ll try and help right here and now by giving you some recommendations.

Don’t mock the nursery schools in your essays. Don’t write that your child regularly discusses Israeli-Palestinian relations over apple sauce. You’re only going to get an eye roll. Beyond that, a good way to prepare for kindergarten admission tests is to help improve your child’s general knowledge, their listening comprehension, as well as their receptive language, abstract thinking, reasoning, and sequencing skills. Say and Play Family’s Stephanie Sigal, a trained speech language therapist who worked at Duke Medical Center and NYU Medical Center before going into private practice, can help your child with kindergarten prep. But not us! Not today. And not tomorrow.


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