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What do you think of our new logo? We’re crowdsourcing for opinions from our reader-base.

We received a very thoughtful “thank you” note recently from a student who really honed in on what we do at Ivy Coach. As this student mentioned, we help make students interesting. Indeed we helped find the interesting within this student. In fact, we’re currently in the final stages of redesigning our website and our new tagline will be: “Toward the Conquest of Admission.” But, in a line, if we had to describe what we do, we’d say: we help make our students interesting. It’s just not as catchy as our new tagline and it doesn’t convey that we also help our students get in to their dream schools. So we couldn’t go with that. But it is what we do. It is what we’ve always done. We’ve been helping make students interesting since 1992.

If every student does yearbook after school, if every student does key club, what makes one yearbook kid more interesting than the next? Not much. Doing yearbook just isn’t interesting. It might be fun to mix and match photos, to make collages, to take pictures, but helping out with a school yearbook, in the end, isn’t all that interesting because (1) so many kids also do this activity and (2) this activity isn’t all that interesting to begin with. It’s rather boring. In a world that values specialization, in a world in which it is best to be a master of one thing rather than mediocre at a lot of things, doing yearbook (even really well) doesn’t serve as great source material to convey the interesting side of an applicant.

Sometimes students come to us and they’ve already got an interesting story. They just need help in how to share that story. And sometimes students come to us and they have incredibly uninteresting stories. This is the norm. But that’s ok. Through our discussions, we will help find the interesting side of everyone. The tagline for “Freakonomics” is “The Hidden Side of Everything.” Maybe our tagline should be: “The Interesting Side of Everyone.” Thoughts? We’re only kidding about that one to be clear.

Let’s crowdsource our tagline in case our readers can come up with a better one. What ideas do you have? We’re open to your suggestions! So write a Comment below with a proposed tagline. We look forward to hearing from you.


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  • Lida KiaNoury says:


    I regularly read your blog and it is simply fantastic. I have to say that your proposed tag line, though, ”Toward the conquest of admission” doesn’t seem to do you justice. I’m just going to throw out another idea: ‘Optimizing Potential’, or ‘Capitalizing Potential’ or something similar, because isn’t that what you really do? You work to capture the best part of the student…so that he/she can project that best image to the schools to which he/she applies… I think that a different tagline along these lines (better defining what you actually do), would serve you better. Okay..I’m done… Keep up the is invaluable information and it is now ingrained in my head. Thanks. Lida K.

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