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Ivy Coach is proudly made in America.

At the height of this most unusual presidential election, we hear a lot of talk about bringing jobs back to America. The Republican nominee for President of the United States has made a point of stressing the importance of bringing jobs back from China (or “Jina” as his new “SNL” impersonator Alec Baldwin might say) and Mexico (although it was rather funny when Ford shot back that they’re certainly not moving their car manufacturing to Mexico). It’s been a losing battle we Americans have been fighting for years. We want to keep jobs on our soil but production costs, operating costs, it’s so often cheaper overseas.

And while we love to hear the ideas of both presidential contenders (although we believe there is only one true contender and her initials happen to be H.R.C. — hint, hint) on how to keep jobs in America and bring jobs back to America, it got us thinking how proudly “Made in America” we are. We work on American soil. We pay American taxes. We hire Americans — former admissions officers at highly selective colleges, SAT and ACT tutors, etc. — who in turn pay American taxes. We work with American parents and students as clients. We help American veterans on a pro bono basis earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. But we also work with parents and students from around the world — from six of the seven continents. We’re bringing business to this country. And that makes us mighty proud.

While we work with wonderful students and parents from all around the world, we will always be deeply and proudly made in America. After all, the reason these smart, ambitious, diverse young people from around the world want to come to America for their undergraduate studies is because America has the very best universities in all the world. So for all this talk about businesses leaving America during this presidential election, there are always counterexamples and we at Ivy Coach happen, proudly, to be one of them. USA, USA, USA!


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