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January 17, 2014

LinkedIn in College Admissions

There’s an article in “Christian Science Monitor” about the role of LinkedIn in college admissions. More and more students, it turns out, are using LinkedIn as a way to express themselves and share information that is relevant to them. That’s entirely unsurprising. This is news? Well, LinkedIn did lower the minimum age for entry to the site to 14 recently, but, still, teenagers love their social media so the fact that they’re putting up profiles on LinkedIn shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. But the article also discusses how students are reaching out to admissions officers by adding them on LinkedIn.

Don’t add admissions officers as connections on LinkedIn.

Students should not be adding admissions officers on LinkedIn. Not all admissions officers want to be LinkedIn connections with high schoolers. Not all admissions officers want you perusing their profiles. It’s an invasion of privacy. It’s foolish. Not all connections are good connections. Just as you shouldn’t be calling your regional admissions officer every day, you shouldn’t be adding them as friends on Facebook or connections on LinkedIn.

So just because a student discusses adding admissions officers as connections on LinkedIn in an article on LinkedIn and college admissions in “Christian Science Monitor” and just because the article doesn’t sharply criticize this approach, it doesn’t mean that you should follow it. We urge you not to add admissions officers as friends or connections on social media websites. It can potentially jeopardize your chances for admission. And what happens when you post something that you didn’t intend for an admissions officer to see? Now that they’re connected to you…they’ll likely see it before you take it down!

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