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Likely Letters are starting to come in! Congratulations to our students who have received Likely Letters!

Likely Letters are coming in. Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach who have been receiving Likely Letters to Ivy League and other highly selective colleges (and who email us…”what does this mean?!”! For those not familiar with Likely Letters, the are emails from colleges to students who stand out as particularly strong in the applicant pool. Since students don’t make binding commitments to attend schools when they apply in the Regular Decision round, Likely Letters are a way to do a solid for the students they want most. But it’s not completely altruistic on the part of colleges. Not even close.

The primacy effect of social psychology teaches us that people tend to remember that which they see first. The recency effect of social psychology teaches us that people tend to also remember that which they see last. People tend to forget much of what happens in between. So this is a college’s way of priming students. They want these students who stand out in their applicant pools to choose them, to love them, to paraphrase “Grey’s Anatomy.” Hey, a Dartmouth alumna created “Grey’s Anatomy.” Shonda Rhimes. We’ve always got an Ivy League tie-in for our readers. Obviously.

Congratulations to our Ivy Coach students who’ve been receiving Likely Letters from some of America’s most highly selective colleges!

If you’re wondering if your Likely Letter means you’re getting in, it sure does. So congratulations! Now don’t let your grades slip and don’t get into trouble. But if you keep your grades up and stay out of mischief (this really does happen — colleges do indeed rescind offers later on), you should have one big smile on right now. Because a Likely Letter might as well be an offer of admission. One is coming. At least one.


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