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LGBT Support at Colleges, LGBT Friendly Schools, Gay Friendly Colleges

Ivy Coach firmly supports LGBT-friendly colleges. We are proud to use our platform to praise LGBT-friendly schools and call out those that need to improve their relations with the LGBT community (photo credit: Benson Kua).

A student who was perusing our website wrote in and we figured we’d share what he had to say. So here goes: “Hi, I was reading through your website and I was considering hiring you for consulting for me for college admissions. However, I find it ironic how you clearly exhibit a 100% closed mind in regards to people who disagree with you. Sorry that there are religions that disagree with you about homosexual marriages-I don’t see why it is necessary for you to push that issue in a consulting firm anyway. Thanks from a former potential client, [Name Redacted].”

At Ivy Coach, we are deeply proud to bring to light highly selective colleges that are among the gay friendliest in America. We will salute Bryn Mawr College when they make their school more welcoming to transgender applicants. We will praise Dartmouth College for building an affinity house for members of their LGBT community, if they so wish to visit this space. And we will share the story of our friend Andrew Goldstein, the former Dartmouth lacrosse goalie who became the first male professional team sport athlete in America to be openly gay during his playing career when he competed for the Boston Cannons and then-Long Island Lizards of Major League Lacrosse. We called out Harvard University for their lack of resources for LGBT students, but we saluted members of the Harvard wrestling team when they voiced their support for their LGBT peers. And lots more.

We are proud to call out colleges who need to improve LGBT-relations. And we are proud to praise colleges who are among the gay friendliest in America. It’s something we’ve been doing for many years. It is our distinct privilege to be able to use this platform in college admissions to support LGBT applicants and the colleges that welcome them. And as for a student not wanting to work with us because we believe in equality for all, he was under the misconception that we’d have any interest in working with him.


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