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We aim to provide all college applicants with information on LGBT issues facing college campuses across the country.

We recently received a message that made our day. The writer of the message, a student, wrote that Ivy Coach’s blog is a valuable resource for LGBT college and graduate school applicants. It sure is. We’re glad that this student has noticed how frequently we write about LGBT issues impacting campuses across the nation. We think it’s extremely important for students — who are members of the LGBT community as well as those who aren’t allies — to know which universities across our nation are LGBT-friendly. We think it’s important for them to know about issues concerning the LGBT community. For instance, Dartmouth’s president recently reversed course by not appointing an administrator who made anti-LGBT remarks in the past. In doing so, the president showed his as well as the college’s support for its LGBT community. We think that’s important to know if you’re an LGBT student considering applying to a great school like Dartmouth.

When there are incidences of hate on other college campuses, we also think it’s important to write about them so that students can take this into account as they decide which colleges they are going to apply to (or attend if it’s later in the game). We also like to write about colleges that ask questions about a student’s affiliation with the LGBT community on their application. We always think that that’s very cool and we encourage more universities to ask.

In the months to come, we’ll be writing about even more LGBT issues on college campuses. We’ll be writing about gay-friendly campuses. We’ll be writing about universities that have become more gay-friendly over the years (like how we wrote about Georgetown University). And we’ll be writing about universities that still have much more work to do. We hope this information proves useful to you as you navigate the college admissions process.


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