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February 22, 2024

Lehigh University Admission Rates and Enrollment Statistics

Lehigh University’s Alumni Memorial Building is featured.
Lehigh University has been steadily increasing the size of its incoming classes (photo credit: Kenneth Z. Zirkel).

Lehigh University, the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based research institution with over 5,000 undergraduate students and 1,800 graduate students, has been on an upward trajectory in recent years. Over the last ten years, applications have skyrocketed, while the number of admitted students has climbed, though certainly not as significantly. Let’s take a look at Lehigh’s admission rates and enrollment numbers over the last decade!

Lehigh Admission and Enrollment Statistics Over 10 Years

For the Lehigh Class of 2027, 18,415 students applied. To put this number in perspective, ten years ago, for the Lehigh Class of 2018, 11,512 students applied — or 37.48% fewer applicants.

That said, over these same years, Lehigh has increased its number of admitted students — from 3,945 for the Class of 2018 to 5,389 for the Class of 2027 (with a record 6,485 admitted to the Class of 2025).

Lehigh has been steadily increasing the number of admitted students because they’ve expanded the size of their incoming class — from an enrollment of 1,299 for the Class of 2018 to a record 1,531 students for the Class of 2027.

Below, you’ll find Lehigh’s admission rates and enrollment numbers over the last ten years:

Class YearApplicants to LehighAdmits to LehighLehigh’s Overall Admission RateLehigh’s Enrollment
Class of 2028Not Yet ReleasedNot Yet ReleasedNot Yet ReleasedNot Yet Released
Class of 202718,4155,38929.26%1,531
Class of 202615,1635,60736.98%1,511
Class of 202514,1076,48545.97%1,519
Class of 202412,3896,13849.54%1,370
Class of 202315,6495,02332.1%1,406
Class of 202215,6223,48822.33%1,275
Class of 202113,8713,48925.15%1,234
Class of 202013,4033,49926.11%1,249
Class of 201912,8433,90530.41%1,261
Class of 201811,5123,94534.27%1,299

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