Late in the College Admissions Process

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Is it too late for us to help your child earn admission to the college of your dreams? Only if you believe it is.

Around this time of year, parents sometimes write in something that goes like, “It’s really late in the college admissions process. There’s probably nothing you can do for my daughter as she’s applying to college. But I guess I’m writing you anyway. I’m not sure why.” We’re not sure why you’re writing us either to be frank. The fact is, contrary to this parent’s belief, there’s of course a whole lot that can still be done to improve a student’s case for admission, even with just a little more than a month to go before the Early Decision / Early Action November 1st deadline.

Can everything be fixed? Absolutely not. We can’t change that ‘C’ in 11th grade. Nobody can. And will that ‘C’ hurt? You bet it will. But can we change a whole lot with respect to how a candidate for admission presents herself? You bet we can. Can we offer insight into how a student’s storytelling is coming across in admissions essays? You bet we can. Can we help a student hone in on a singular hook that can differentiate them in highly selective college admissions? You bet we can.

We know we can still help students at this late juncture. But if parents are skeptical how much can really be changed (a lot!) at this late date before the Early admission deadline, we wish them all the best. We don’t wish to work with skeptics. We wish to work with believers. It’s way more fun proving the believers right.

But at Ivy Coach, we want to work with students and parents who want to work with us. We want to work with folks who buy in, who believe that we can help them. Do we know we can optimize a student’s case for admission? Of course we do. After all, we’ve been doing this for a quarter of a century. But it’s just no fun, in our years of experience, when parents and students don’t believe in their heart of hearts that we can help them, that we can help them tell their stories. So if you’re a skeptic, if you’re a doubter, you’re right. We can’t help you…because we don’t wish to. Rather, we wish to devote our time and energies to folks who know we can help them. It’s a whole lot more fun that way. And we find that it’s important to have fun in our work.

So, in a nutshell, if you think it’s too late to help your child in the college admissions process, we aren’t going to convince you otherwise. You’re not correct but we don’t like to convince. It’s not in our nature. You’ve got to come to us and want our help. It’s that simple.


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