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There’s a piece on college admissions in “Teen Vogue.”

It’s important to know your life goals in college admissions. You’re probably like…what does that mean? Be patient. We’ll get there. We will. There’s a piece up today on “Teen Vogue” by Joshua Eaton entitled “5 Things to Know Before Applying to an Ivy League College” that we figured we’d discuss…because who doesn’t want to discuss “Teen Vogue” articles today? It’s like the movie “Big” for us. We’re perpetually stuck as teenagers, as the Alphaville song kind of goes. And that’s ok, we’re happy to be stuck in our teenage years, so long as we don’t have to deal with acne. Phew.

Anyhow, the piece is essentially an interview with Dartmouth College’s Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid Paul Sunde. In the piece, Sunde is quoted as saying, “Reflect on what you care most about and have invested most of your time and energy in; think about what you hope to do in college and maybe beyond. Knowing these things about yourself, you’ll be able to help us to see how you might fit within our community.” Amen to that. When students are applying to highly selective colleges, like a Dartmouth, they should know what they want to do because if they don’t know what they want to do, then admissions officers are going to be left wondering, “Well, how is this person going to change the world?” And if admissions officers don’t know how a student is going to change the world, then the student certainly didn’t dare the admissions officers not to admit her. And at Ivy Coach, each and every one of our students makes this dare. Or double dare. Since we’re opining about a “Teen Vogue” article and all.

Do most young people change their minds all the time about what they want to do in life…or what they want for dinner? Yes indeed. Some students change their minds every Tuesday about what they want to do in life. Conan O’Brien once joked at a Dartmouth commencement ceremony that some students changed their sexual orientation while in college every Tuesday, some even during the course of the commencement ceremony. He was joking. Obviously. Because nobody can change their sexual orientation since you’re born that way as the Lady Gaga song goes (which should absolutely be playing on perpetual repeat in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s iPod!). But just because students may not know exactly what they want to do this Tuesday, for dinner, or in life, they need to present as young people who know precisely what they wish to do and how they intend to change the world. And although we suspect Paul Sunde isn’t suggesting this (because admissions officers couldn’t do that!), we sure are — it’s one of the reasons our students at Ivy Coach so often get into these institutions.

While you’re here, Ivy Coach has been featured in “Teen Vogue.” Because we’re hip like that. Obvi.


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  • elaine says:

    In your effort to be “hip,” you are presenting a biased political viewpoint that has no place in a college admissions blog. It assumes that all of your readers have the same viewpoint on sexuality and what should be on Mike Pence’s iPod. It demonstrates a lack of sensitivity to TRUE diversity and reduces your credibility.

    • Ivy Coach says:


      We don’t assume that all of our readers share the same views as us with respect to our belief that people of all sexual orientations and sexual identities should have equality under law. But if you don’t agree, if you believe that members of the LGBT community should face discrimination, you have every not right to read our college admissions blog. In fact, we’d prefer you don’t. And to suggest that believing in equal rights under law is “trying to be hip,” then you got us. In that case, we are SO hip.

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