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Only an unscrupulous private college counselor will say that they’ll use their contacts to help your child gain admission.

Is it about who you know in college admissions? We get a lot of callers at Ivy Coach. We much prefer that parents and students fill out our consultation form and then we will schedule a time for a free 20-minute consultation. When you call directly without first filling out the consult form, we’re basically just going to repeat this. With a lot of callers, it goes without saying that we get some crazy callers. And we get others that simply don’t have a clue about the highly selective college admissions process…but think they know it all. Those are the absolute worst.

Just the other day, a parent called to see if we could help his son get off a highly selective college waitlist. Why of course we can. We do it all the time. But this particular parent didn’t want to use our services. He wasn’t interested in our helping his son craft a powerful letter of enthusiasm. He wasn’t interested in our advice in what to do after the letter of enthusiasm is submitted. All he wanted us to do was use our connections at the Ivy League college that waitlisted his son to get him off the list.

That is utterly ridiculous! We will never, ever do this. Do we have contacts in highly selective college admissions offices? Of course we do! Everyone in college admissions knows Ivy Coach. But as the leading private college counseling firm in the world, our job is to go unnoticed by admissions officers. If we do our job right — and we always do — admissions officers at the highly selective colleges will never know that you sought our help. Any private college counselor who says that he or she will use contacts in admissions offices to help your child gain admission, that counselor is unscrupulous and should be avoided at all cost!

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