Kindness in College Admissions

Kind in College Admissions, Being Kind in College Admissions, Nice in College Admission

At Ivy Coach, we’d prefer to bake apple pies than work with unkind people as they navigate the highly selective college admissions process. We like sweet people and sweet pies. Yes, we said this. Deal with it.

One fellow wrote us recently demanding to know our fees. It’s not like our fees are a secret. The fee for our Unlimited Package is all over the pages of “Barron’s” and it’s been talked about on “CNBC.” What do you want from us? Do most students work with us under our Unlimited Package? No. But some sure do! Anyhow, this gentleman mentioned that he was comparing our fees to that of another private college counseling firm. So, if you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you likely have a feeling what we replied with: “We wish you good luck with the [Insert Unnamed College Consulting Firm Here]!” This is not “Target.” There are no price checks in Aisle 4. This fellow seemed to be under the misimpression that we really wanted to earn his business. Rather than try to earn his business, we would prefer to make an apple pie. Or two. We love apple pies. That’s right.

And we’d rather focus on our existing clientele, who demand quite a bit of our attention. It’s quite difficult to juggle apple pie baking with our clients’ needs. We don’t actually bake apple pies. We were being silly. Although apple pies are delicious — notably the crust and right when they’re fresh out of the oven. But enough, enough, enough about apple pies. You are not here to read about apple pies. You are here to read about college admissions! So, here’s a valuable lesson of the day. Don’t be unkind to people. Don’t tell people you’re comparing their fees (at least have the courtesy to keep that to yourself). And, by the way, we will lose that battle every time. Because our fees are quite expensive. We have never nor will we ever claim to be competitive in our fees with any other private college counseling firm. And we are also not competitive with these firms in terms of our success. Our students overwhelmingly get into their dream colleges. It’s been happening for years. A quarter century in fact!

So be nice to people. We can tell a price-checker from a mile away. Maybe you’ll find out our fees. Maybe you won’t. But even if you do, that doesn’t mean we’ll work with you. Life is short. There are lots and lots of apple pies to bake. Even cherry pies. And maybe even rhubarb pies. We don’t have time to work with not nice people. We like sweet people…and sweet pies. It’s our company policy. And it has been for a quarter century. Deal with it.


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