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July 22, 2020

July 2020 ACT Testing

A piece up on CNN focuses on frustrations with ACT cancelations this past weekend.

This past weekend’s ACT testing didn’t exactly go smoothly at all testing sites. In fact, for some students who prepped for weeks to take the ACT this past weekend, they didn’t get to take the test at all. Instead, many students and parents drove hours to test sites only to learn there would be no testing at that location that day. And while we understand that things can change rapidly during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no excuse for ACT’s failure to communicate to its test-takers and their families. ACT could have picked up the phone or sent out an email alerting impacted students of the test site closure so these students and parents didn’t have to drive hours to a testing site featuring a note that the test was canceled. COVID-19 can not be spread via phone or email, ACT. You should have called your paying customers!

Around 1,400 ACT Test-Takers Couldn’t Test This Past Weekend Due to Test Site Closures

As Alaa Elassar reports for CNN in a piece entitled “For many students who tried to take the ACT test this weekend, it was a total fail,” An ACT spokesperson told CNN, “Around 1,400 examinees (at approximately 21 sites) were not able to test. We know that some sites canceled up until late Friday night, including some we were unaware of, resulting in unprocessed communications to students. We are truly sorry that this happened, and we will do everything we can to provide solutions to students affected by this situation, including offering a makeup test date where we can.”

ACT is Offering Refunds, But Little More at Present

Apparently, ACT will be in contact with the students and parents of the impacted test-takers so these families can receive refunds. But, sorry ACT, that’s simply not enough. These young people have been prepping for this test for weeks — if not months. When you release your apology, you’d be wise to offer more than merely a refund for the test they paid for but weren’t able to take. A refund is expected. Do the unexpected. Fall on your sword and offer these students alternatives — and fast since otherwise all their prep will go out the window. Come on, ACT! Do better.

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