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March 20, 2018

Johns Hopkins University Class of 2022

JHU 2022, Johns Hopkins 2022, Class of 2022 at Johns Hopkins
Congratulations to all students who earned admission to the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2022.

Johns Hopkins University, ranked #11 in the 2018 “US News & World Report” rankings, has released its admissions data for the Class of 2022. Johns Hopkins received 29,128 applicants to its Class of 2022. Of these students, 2,894 earned admission. 610 of these students earned admission in the Early Decision round while 2,284 learned of their admission just a few days ago in the Regular Decision round. The admitted students to that other Baltimore, Maryland-based university (sorry Johns Hopkins but the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is the talk not only of Baltimore but of our country this week!) hail from all 50 states, 5 U.S. territories, and 87 nations around our globe.

A Spike in International Admits in Johns Hopkins’ Class of 2022

In spite of the many press articles circulating about the decline in international applicants to U.S. universities, Johns Hopkins — like just about every highly selective college — has not experienced such declines. Indeed international students remain as committed to attending our nation’s most elite institutions like Johns Hopkins as ever before. In fact, we’d say they’re even more committed to attending America’s most elite institutions. 87 nations are represented in Johns Hopkins’ Class of 2022. That same figure for Johns Hopkins’ Class of 2021 stood at 52 nations. That’s quite an increase in just one year — 52 to 87. It says quite a bit, wouldn’t you say? The most represented countries outside of the United States in Johns Hopkins’ Class of 2022 are China, South Korea, Brazil, India, and Canada. In terms of ethnic breakdown of the Johns Hopkins Class of 2022, 28% identify as Asian, 24% as Caucasian, 18% as Hispanic, 14% as Black, 2% as Native American, 1% as Pacific Islander. 9% of admits are international.

Profiles of Johns Hopkins Class of 2022 Admits

As the regular readers of our college admissions blog know very well, our favorite part of college press releases about their incoming classes are the profiles of specific students. Over the years, many of our students have been cited in these one-liners and it always makes us very proud. This year, Hopkins touts in its release, “Among the newly admitted class are an author who interviewed Syrian refugees for a book project, a student who discovered a new species of cockroach, the founder and president of an organization that provides custom-designed prostheses and assistive devices for animals, the founder of a coding workshop for middle school girls, and the co-founder of a bluegrass band.” From cockroaches to bluegrass bands, Johns Hopkins students do it all!

Congratulations to our students at Ivy Coach — and all students — who earned admission to the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2022! Go Blue Jays!

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