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November 11, 2011

Johns Hopkins Admissions

The Johns Hopkins admissions office has released Early Decision application figures. They’re up. Shocker!

One thousand four hundred and thirty two students applied to Johns Hopkins University through Early Decision this fall, marking an increase of 302 students as compared to ED applications last fall. The Dean of Admissions at Johns Hopkins also said that it’s a more diverse class that is stronger academically. What did you expect from a Johns Hopkins admissions officer? You thought he’d say that applicants this year have markedly lower SAT scores? Nope! Wouldn’t that be funny, though? The fact is, downturns in SAT scores are rarely the case at highly selective colleges. And if they are, we hear there is a Dean of Admissions available in Illinois (that’s an insider college admissions joke but if you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll get it too)!

According to a “JHU Newsletter” article on Johns Hopkins Admissions, “The batch of prospective students, whose applications arrived in Mason Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 1, depicts statistical increases in demographics both geographic and academic. Applications from Maryland and New Jersey — states with an already-ingrained presence on Homewood — saw “big gains” this year, Latting said. Engineering programs also saw a surge in popularity, continuing a trend of growth disproportionate to that of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. On whole, the pool is a varied one. Latting stated that 189 of the 1,432 applicants — approximately eight percent — are minorities, defining the category as applicants who self-identified as black, Hispanic or Native American.”

The article also states that while timing (applying Early Decision rather than Regular Decision) and demonstrated interest are important, nothing is more important than demonstrated intellectual aptitude. Well, tell us something we don’t know! Of course SAT scores and grades are extremely important. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get a leg up applying Early Decision. That doesn’t mean you don’t get a leg up by showing an interest in a school, a commitment to going to a school should you be admitted. In the high stakes game of highly selective college admissions, frankly everything counts big time.

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