Ivy League Discrimination Against Asians

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The admissions process at Ivy League and other highly selective colleges discriminates against Asian and Asian American applicants. We help our students overcome this discrimination.

There is an article on “Bloomberg” entitled “Are Ivy League Schools Biased Against Asians?” written by Matthew C. Klein that we wanted to take the time to respond to. If you’re a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you know that our answer to this question posed in the article’s title is a resounding yes. The Ivy League absolutely discriminates against Asian and Asian American applicants in the admissions process year after year. At Ivy Coach, we work with many Asian and Asian American students to help them differentiate themselves from their fellow Asian and Asian American applicants so that they overcome the blatant, unjust discrimination in the highly selective college admissions process.

What the “Bloomberg” article points out that we find unsurprising but at the same time interesting is this: “Ron Unz looked at the Harvard students inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honors society, which is based on grade-point average, and found that more than a third were Asian. Almost half of the students admitted into Phi Beta Kappa during their junior year — the most-elite group — were Asian. The simplest explanation for this over-representation among Phi Beta Kappa admissions relative to the total student body is that Asian applicants to Harvard were held to tougher standards.” Harvard’s incoming class last year was about 20% Asian and Asian American. And yet “almost half” of the students selected into Phi Beta Kappa — the students with the highest GPAs at Harvard — were Asian and Asian American. We happen to agree wholeheartedly with the assessment stated in the “Bloomberg” piece. Because Asian and Asian American applicants are held to tougher standards in admissions, those who are admitted will invariably rise to the top at Harvard.

Highly selective colleges like Harvard boast about the diverse makeup of their student bodies year after year. But year after year, Asian and Asian American students face discrimination in the very process that they go through to be able to call themselves Harvard students. The time has come to end this senseless, despicable discrimination against Asian and Asian American applicants. And yet, we don’t expect these elite institutions to do anything about this anytime soon. And so we at Ivy Coach will continue to help Asian and Asian American applicants beat them at their own game. After all, we do it every single year.


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