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July 13, 2011

Ivy League Connections

Ivy League connections. It’s the secret sauce of Ivy League success stories. Some may argue that the in-classroom experience isn’t any better at an Ivy League college than it is at, say, a big state school. There are some who even argue that a community college education is a better value than an Ivy League education. We happen to vehemently disagree and think the argument is utterly absurd. But let’s indulge the argument that the in-classroom experience is the same at community colleges and Ivy League colleges for a brief moment. Will those that argue this point also claim that the out-of-classroom experience is of equal value at community colleges as compared to Ivy League schools?

The fact is, one of the central benefits of attending an Ivy League college is the people and, more specifically, the fellow students whom matriculants meet along the way. At Ivy League colleges, students are surrounded by motivated, ambitious, and bright students. They’re the future captains of industry – of finance, education, medicine, law, tech startups, and so many other fields. Many of the students’ parents are successes as well because bright and motivated individuals don’t come out of nowhere. It’s these kinds of connections that can prove quite helpful later on in one’s career.

And these connections form on Ivy League baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey fields. They form on ice rinks and in swimming pools. They form in fraternities and sororities. They form in volunteer organizations and in dorm rooms. And they form in secret societies (check back soon for a post on Ivy League secret societies). Name a community college with a secret society that dates back over a century (or an eating club)! Didn’t think so. Bet you can’t name an employee at McKinsey either who doesn’t have a degree from an Ivy League or highly competitive college.

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