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Brian Taylor, Director of Ivy Coach, is quoted on the pages of “The Yale Daily News” today on the topic of Yale’s application tally.

For the second day in a row, Brian Taylor, Director of Ivy Coach, is featured on the pages of “The Yale Daily News,” this time in a piece by Tyler Foggatt entitled “Yale College applications fall just short of record.” Oh, and we’ve got some Ivy League application stats to report! Yale University received 30,227 applications for the Class of 2019. This figure marks the second highest application tally at the university in its long history. The figure is just short of last year’s record tally of 30,922 applications. Last year was the first time that Yale broke the 30,000 barrier. In a way, its kind of like joining the 3,000 hits club! Penn, Princeton, and Columbia all reported application records this year with Penn’s tally at 37,264, Princeton’s at 27,259, and Columbia’s at 36,223. Brown experienced its second biggest application pool in its history and Dartmouth experienced an increase as well. Figures for Cornell and Harvard are not yet available.

So what’s behind this rise in applications at Yale? Well, we’ll answer that one for you. “Brian Taylor, director of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, said rising application numbers seen across the Ivy League are a result of marketing practices directed at students who are unlikely to be competitive applicants. ‘Highly selective colleges, including the Ivy League colleges, recruit students who aren’t qualified to gain admission to these schools through marketing brochures,’ Taylor said. ‘And they do so only so they can have a lot of applications, and ultimately a lower admission rate.'”

We’ve been saying it on the pages of our college admissions blog for years. It’s the refrain of college admissions. Highly selective colleges just get better and better at marketing themselves to unqualified students in the hope of boosting their applicant pools. Larger applicant pools by no means connote a more competitive class. A number of ‘C’ students in an applicant pool don’t in any way make it more difficult for the great student to get in.

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  • Ivy League says:

    Definitely agree with that what you are saying but I don’t think this is ever going to change. Ivies do accept some(very few) people with a C or B average and sub-2000 SATs (excluding athletes, legacies, sons of politicians, billionaires and what not) and a lot of people wanna take the bet and apply because they see that even tho the probability of getting in is very very small if they do manage to get in the reward is huge.

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