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October 14, 2011

Ivy League and NFL

NFL and Ivies, NFL and Ivy League, Ivy League NFL Players
Ryan Fitzpatrick, the current starting QB of the Buffalo Bills, attended Harvard University (photo credit: Ed Yourdon).

The Ivy League and NFL have some players in common. While they’re few and far between, they do indeed exist. Leading the pack is Buffalo Bills starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, the former Harvard quarterback. Fitzpatrick follows in a line of relatively recent Ivy League quarterbacks that includes Jay Fiedler (Dartmouth), Jeff Kemp (Dartmouth), current Dallas Cowboys coach and former QB Jason Garrett (Princeton).

Many of these Ivy League players cite how difficult it is to rise from the Ivy League where play isn’t exactly on par with the Ohio States and Floridas to the National Football League but they do insist that it’s possible. Jay Fielder believes that if you play on the level that the NFL seeks, the NFL will find you, no matter where you are. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a knock on you for having played your college ball in the Ivy League. But it is possible as these players’ careers so attest.

Check out this post on the Ivy League and NBA or this one on Ivy League Athletes. And what do you think of the current Ivy League football standings? Harvard, Yale, and Penn sit on top of the standings with 2-0 league records followed by Brown and Princeton at 1-1 and Cornell, Dartmouth, and Columbia at 0-2. Let us know your thoughts on Ivy League football by posting below!

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