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April 10, 2011

Ivy League Admission

Ivy Admission, Ivy League Admissions, Admission to the Ivy League
A student getting into multiple Ivies is absolutely not news!

There is an article in today’s “NY Daily News” that tells the college admissions story of a senior at the Bronx High School of Science. The senior, Noam Shapiro, was accepted to six Ivy League colleges, as well as Duke, Wesleyan, Northwestern, and SUNY Binghamton. It must have been a slow day in the news after Harry, Barack, and John averted a government shutdown. We can’t help but wonder…why is a high school senior getting admitted to six Ivy League college newsworthy? It happens quite often!

According to the “NY Daily News,” “He’s making a chart of pros and cons for each school in order to make up his mind by May 1. ’I stay up at night thinking about it,’ said Shapiro, who readily acknowledges that lots of teens would love to be in his place. ’My grandmother told me, ’If only this could be your hardest choice in life.’” We couldn’t agree more with this kid’s grandmother.

Check out the “NY Daily News” article here.

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