Ivy Coach’s Perfection in the 2019 Early Admissions Cycle

Perfection in Early Round, 2019 Early Decision Perfection, 2019 Early Action Perfection
This was a banner year for Ivy Coach.

This year, as you may have read, every one of Ivy Coach’s students who completed a college application package with us earned admission to their first choice college. At Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, UPenn, Cornell, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, etc., all of our applicants got in this Early Decision / Early Action round for the Class of 2024. We didn’t have one deferral. We can’t remember the last time we had a denial. Rather, we received only elated emails and super excited phone calls. Side note, we had it when our students email us this important news. Take a second. Breathe. And then call us to share this wonderful, life-changing news! Hello!

We Spent Our December Helping New Clients as Our Existing Seniors Read, Traveled, Relaxed

The fact that 100% of Ivy Coach’s students who completed an application package with us earned admission to their Early school left us with nothing to do for our own students this past December. And it allowed us to take on more new students than we typically take on over the holiday break. These are students who were never previously our students who are first coming to us after being deferred or denied in the Early round. We do a Postmortem Evaluation on their applications and then we help them reposition themselves for the Regular Decision round. There are going to be some mistakes that are absolutely too late to correct that will prove to be obstacles (e.g., not taking a foreign language during senior year). But there are still lots of mistakes that can be corrected, including the presentation of activities and how the students tell their stories in their admissions essays. In any case, we were delighted to spend our holiday helping students (and parents) who were down in the dumps put forward the best possible applications in the Regular Decision round, to help turn their fate around.

The Predicament We Find Ourselves in After Our Perfection

But alas we find ourselves in a predicament. We haven’t yet changed the footer of our website, which currently reads, “In 2018-2019, 92% of students who worked with us on 3 schools or more earned admission to their top college choice.” We could include an updated footer that reads, “In the 2019 Early Decision / Early Action cycle, 100% of our students who completed their applications with us earned admission to their first choice college.” But then we’re going to hear from those super annoying, absolutely obnoxious parents during free consultations about our services who ask, “Do you offer a guarantee?” No we don’t offer a guarantee! That’s just our track record, you super annoying, absolutely obnoxious parents. There are no guarantees in highly selective college admissions and we’re not interested in anyone who seeks one because it tell us they’re not reasonable. And at Ivy Coach, we wish to work with reasonable people because life, well, it’s too short.

If you’re interested in a free consultation with Ivy Coach, fill out our free consult form and we’ll be in touch. If we don’t respond the very minute you fill out our form, relax. When everyone else takes a breather over the December holidays, this is our holiday. But, of course, have no fear…we will write you back within the day.


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