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Ivy Coach offers the best college admissions counseling in the world. Peruse our press. Peruse our college admisisons blog. Then peruse the same of other private college counseling companies. Just as students should do in college admissions essays, we show. We don’t tell. Alright, here we’re telling but we usually show!

Some folks ask us on occasion what differentiates Ivy Coach’s college counseling services from the tens of thousands of other private college counseling companies. It’s a fair question. When one is buying a service, it makes sense to ask what distinguishes one service from the rest. In short, of the tens of thousands of private college counseling companies, there’s a reason you found us online or heard about us through a friend. Ivy Coach is highly respected and has been in business for over 20 years. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams.

We are not recent alums of top colleges who want to help high school students succeed just as they did (what expertise do they have?). Our Founder, Bev Taylor, is an icon in the field of highly selective college admissions. Mention her name to anyone who works in admissions and chances are good that they’ll know her. And if they don’t, mention Ivy Coach. They’ll know us. We know because many of them end up working for us. We hire a number of former admissions officers at top colleges — including the Ivy League colleges.

We’re not going to go into every detail about what differentiates us in this one post as we try to keep our blog posts to only a few paragraphs, but peruse our website. Read about us in just about every major newspaper or publication. Check out our daily updated college admissions blog. There hasn’t been a day in years that we haven’t put up a new post on a topic related to the Ivy League or highly selective college admissions. We don’t say we know the information. We show it each and every day. Read through our blogs. Read our newsletters, our articles. Check out Bev’s pieces on “The Huffington Post.” Now check out the websites of other private college counseling companies. See the difference? We thought so!


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