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March 18, 2019

Ivy Coach’s Brian Taylor on ABC’s Nightline

Ivy Coach’s Brian Taylor was recently featured on ABC’s Nightline discussing the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal with Juju Chang. So, what are his reflections on the scandal that shook the nation, and how does he envision its impact on the elite college admissions process in the years to come?

Ivy Coach’s Brian Taylor’s Conversation with Juju Chang on Nightline

Below is a transcript of the conversation that Ivy Coach’s Brian Taylor had with ABC News anchor Juju Chang on Nightline:

Brian Taylor: “It’s outrageous the fact that these people were bribing coaches, and these coaches are receiving salaries whether they’re at public or private schools.”

Juju Chang: Brian Taylor is the managing director of Ivy Coach, a high-end destination in the billion-dollar elite industry of college counseling.

Juju Chang: “There’s a real sense that that’s a strategic advantage for elite students.”

Brian Taylor: “Absolutely. If you have the means to do so, that’s what you do. If you want to do great in the college admissions process, you hire an advisor just like you hire a lawyer or a plumber if you have a leaky pipe.”

Brian Taylor: “There are no guarantees in highly selective college admissions, and if someone offers a guarantee, I would be skeptical.”

Juju Chang: Brian Taylor’s company caters to deep-pocketed clients, charging one a million and a half dollars to help their child through the admissions process.

Juju Chang: “What do you get for a million and a half dollars?”

Brian Taylor: “Well, that’s not our typical fee. But when people come to us early on in high school or before high school, we map out their courses, testing, extracurriculars.”

Juju Chang: “But it basically overall sounds like you choreograph a student’s high school career.”

Brian Taylor: “Well, I wouldn’t say ’choreograph.’ We find out what they’re interested in, and then we help them get involved in activities.”

Juju Chang: “And yet not everyone can afford that which is why people are saying the deck is stacked against working-class or underprivileged students.”

Brian Taylor: “But not everyone needs a college counselor. And if they just used some common sense — and so many times they don’t use common sense — they can beat this process. Don’t do three sports and play a musical instrument. Get involved in something interesting. National Honor Society isn’t going to impress anyone when everyone does National Honor Society.”

Juju Chang: ” Are you dispensing free advice?” [Laughter]

Brian Taylor: “I’m dispensing free advice.”

Juju Chang: And yet there are plenty still willing to play big bucks. After the scandal broke, Brian says demand for his business has spiked.

Brian Taylor of Ivy Coach’s Comments on Varsity Blues Scandal

And while you’re here, feel free to hear Brian’s comments about the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal offered to The Huffington PostThe AtlanticThe New York TimesThe Daily Pennsylvanian (and here too). Or listen to Brian’s thoughts on the scandal on iHeart Radio or watch him on Business Insider Today.

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