Ivy Coach Loves America’s Troops

We at Ivy Coach are very proud to offer our services on a pro bono basis each year to select veterans of America’s military.

If you asked us what we at Ivy Coach are most proud of about our business — a business that was started as a side gig by a high school guidance counselor nearly 30 years ago and has since grown into America’s preeminent college admissions consultancy serving clients around the world — the answer comes to mind easily. Yes, we are mighty proud of helping our students each and every year earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. We love to hear those screams of joy. We love to hear parents tell us, “We’re so relieved. It’s over! She got into Harvard!” But the question was what we are most proud of — and that’s helping America’s veterans on a pro bono basis achieve their college dreams.

In our experience, so many veterans don’t even realize that America’s most elite colleges are looking to admit veterans, particularly in the transfer round of admissions. In our experience, veterans are wonderfully warm, kind, good souls who very much appreciate the help they are offered. In our experience, helping veterans helps us. What do we mean? Take Yale University Professor Laurie Santos’ class — it’s the most popular class at Yale and it’s even offered for free to the general public on Coursera — and you’ll learn the science of why doing good deeds makes you happy. Helping veterans makes us at Ivy Coach happy.

So while it is our greatest point of pride to help America’s veterans on a pro bono basis, they do more for us than we could ever do for them. They serve our nation in uniform, protecting our very freedoms. And, well, they make us happy!

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