Ivy Coach Cited in College Course

Ivy Coach Cited, Ivy Coach in College Course, Ivy Coach Name Dropped

Ivy Coach was recently name checked in a class at a highly selective university.

File this one away for a giggle. We recently heard that a professor at a highly selective American university who teaches a class on higher education in the United States name checked Ivy Coach and its Founder, Bev Taylor. We’ve got spies everywhere! Apparently, the class discussion focused on how higher education is increasingly becoming a privilege for the wealthy. And of course we were cited — along with our fees — to belabor the point that the wealthy can have a distinct advantage in highly selective college admissions. No kidding.

Every now and then, folks ask us how we charge so much. Our answer is because we can, because those are the fees we command, because we’re the very best in this business, because we will help your child earn admission to a dream college. And why can’t we charge what we so wish? The president of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, an organization we have oh so little respect for, once chastised us for the fees we command. Indeed he tried to tell us what we could or couldn’t charge. We told him that he was anti-American, that in the land of the free and the home of the brave we can charge what we so choose. We are a proudly American company, one which helps many veterans each year on a pro bono basis earn admission to the colleges of their dreams. In fact, we work exclusively with veterans on a pro bono basis. We wonder how many veterans the president of the IECA works with each year at no charge?

Ivy Coach was recently name checked in an education class at one of America’s most highly selective institutions. Of course we found out. George Washington had spies too.

So if we get ribbed in a college course at one of America’s most highly selective schools for our fees, that’s alright. We’re used to it. “CNBC” made fun of us too — and those fees were outdated when they were cited on the news program. At the end of the day, we’re just glad to be a part of the conversation and we’re glad to help our students earn admission to the colleges of their choice.


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