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Inside Amherst Admissions, Amherst College Admissions, Amherst Admissions

The Tina Fey starring movie “Admission” offered a look inside a highly selective college admissions office. The makers of the movie, Focus Features, even showed Ivy Coach some love!

We’ve got some rare video footage for our loyal readers. Ever been curious to know and see what goes on inside the halls of admission? Well, we break down that fourth wall all of the time on this college admissions blog but today, we’re happy to share with our readers a video of what it’s like inside the Amherst College Office of Admissions. Amherst, of course, is one of America’s most selective universities, regularly at or near the top of the “US News & World Report” college rankings. In our opinion, Amherst also offers one of the finest undergraduate educations in the world. The two don’t always necessarily go hand in hand. So there’s that!

In the Tina Fey starrer “Admission” that Focus Features released a while back, viewers got to see what it was like for an applicant to be debated in committee at Princeton University. While fictional, the process portrayed in the movie was very real and entirely accurate — except for the fact that the applicant didn’t fall through the floor when he or she was denied admission — believe it or not. Anyhow, here’s a look inside the office of admission of one of America’s finest institutions, Amherst College, with our friend Tom Parker, Amherst’s Dean of Admission, and his team. We hope you enjoy the tour inside Amherst College admissions!


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