The Importance of Secrecy in College Admissions

Secrecy in College Admissions, Secrecy in Ivy League Admissions, Secrecy in Admissions

Make like the CIA and keep the colleges to which you’re applying a secret from your classmates.

If you’re a high school senior, there’s a good chance that you know where several of your classmates are applying to college. Maybe these classmates have similar grades and SAT or ACT scores to you. Maybe they participate in similar activities. Or maybe they’re among your closest friends. Maybe you shared with one of them all of the juicy details about your first kiss. Or your first crush. That’s great! It’s important to share secrets with close friends. But when it comes to highly selective college admissions, we urge our students — and their parents — to keep quiet about where they (or their children) intend to apply to.

What’s the point of telling a friend that you applied Early to Princeton? Does it make you feel better? Does it make them feel better? What if you find out that this same friend also applied Early to Princeton? Then, all of a sudden, you’re competitors. Wouldn’t it be better to just keep quiet about it for a while…until you receive your admissions decision? One would think so! There are too many unforeseen things that can happen if you don’t keep quiet. What if a classmate who doesn’t like you sends a letter to Princeton informing them of a crime you committed last summer? Perhaps a classmate ‘know’s what you did last summer.’ Get it? Yeah, that was lame. Anyhow, the chances that this letter will have any impact on your application are slim but why risk it when keeping quiet about your college applications is so much easier?

So let your classmates brag all they want about how they’re applying to Yale and Harvard, Princeton and MIT. If you want, let them know that you’ll be applying to Nassau Community College and see how they react. Maybe they’ll take the hint and leave you alone about where you are applying. Oh, and while you’re here, read what we have to say about not wearing your college hoodie the day after you get into college. Because that’s so lame, too.


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