IECA’s Restraint of Trade

IECA, IECA Restrains Trade, Independent Educational Consultants Association
The IECA’s business practices, we believe, are distinctly un-American.

As our loyal readers know, we don’t believe membership in the Independent Educational Consultants Association, known as the IECA, is worth the paper it’s written on. In fact, we are proudly not members of this organization, an organization that we firmly believe attempts to restrain trade in violation of America’s free markets. You see, when our Founder, Bev Taylor, was once a member of this organization, the organization’s “leader,” Mark Sklarow — who we have a feeling President Trump, love him or hate him, would refer to as Commie Mark if he knew him — attempted to tell Bev what she could and couldn’t charge prospective clients. That’s right. Commie Mark tried to restrain an American businesswoman’s trade — and unashamedly so.

As the United States Department of Justice investigates the reputable National Association for College Admission Counseling, an organization to which our managing director is a member, for attempting to restrain trade in violation of our free markets, we find ourselves somewhat surprised that the lowly Independent Educational Consultants Association hasn’t been subjected to similar scrutiny. This is particularly the case in light of the fact that the not so bright Commie Mark makes public statements that openly suggest the organization attempts to restrain trade. We retain all of these statements for our records. We’re diligent like that.

But, alas, we imagine the IECA only hasn’t been investigated because membership in the organization isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. NACAC matters. IECA — it’s peanuts. It might just be the only reason the organization hasn’t yet been investigated for attempting to restrain trade in violation of the very freedoms our great-grandparents came to these United States to enjoy.


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