How to Wow College Admissions Officers

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There’s a piece up on “Money” about how to wow college admissions officers.

There’s a piece in “Money” by Kim Clark entitled “How to Wow College Admissions Officers” that we figured we’d share with our readers. Now of course, we at Ivy Coach have many ways we help our students wow college admissions officers at our nation’s most elite universities but this particular piece in “Money” focuses on a survey of college counselors released by the National Association for College Admission Counseling that essentially weights different factors in the admissions process.

As reported by “Money” in their piece on wowing college admissions officers, “The factors that admissions officers are using to decide which students to accept and which to turn away are evolving as well. Here are their top 10 criteria and the percentage of counselors who say they are of ‘considerable importance.’ 1. Grades in college prep courses: 79%. 2. Grades in all courses: 60%. 3. Strength of high school curriculum: 60%. 4. SAT or ACT scores: 56%…5. Essay or writing sample: 22%. 6. Counselor recommendation: 17%. 7. Student’s demonstrated interest: 17%. 8. Teacher recommendation: 15%. 9. Class rank: 14%. 10. AP or IB test scores: 7%.”

We have a secret sauce at Ivy Coach. And it’s delicious.

But knowing the factors impacting one’s case for college admission, and their given weights, is one thing. It doesn’t teach a student how to wow a college admissions officer at our nation’s most prestigious schools. Oh wait, were you expecting that in this piece? Do you go into an Italian restaurant and ask them for a list of ingredients in their tomato sauce? We think not. This too is a part of our secret sauce. And our secret sauce is delicious. We tease. We know it.


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