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Michael Bloomberg, loyal son of Johns Hopkins University, certainly doesn’t support Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States. But we have a feeling he would support this BS/MBA program at his alma mater. You like what we did there?

File this one under unusual for highly selective colleges. Johns Hopkins University, the school that Michael Bloomberg built (ok, we’re only kidding as he didn’t build it but he sure did donate a lot of money to his alma mater — more than anyone!), will be offering a BS / MBA program for Johns Hopkins undergraduates beginning next fall. The program is through the Whiting School of Engineering and the Carey Business School.

As reported by Morgan Ome in a piece about the new BS and MBA program at Hopkins for “The Johns Hopkins News-Letter,” “Students will complete their first three years at Whiting, before transferring to the Carey School’s Harbor East campus to begin the Global MBA program during their fourth year. In their fifth year, students will divide their studies between the Carey School and Homewood campus to complete both degrees.” So it’s a five-year program. It usually takes six years to complete an undergraduate degree and an MBA (plus MBA programs prefer you to have some work experience in between). So this saves a year, you get an MBA from a top university, and you can knock it all out before you ever even work one day at an office. Or a farm. Or coffee shop. Or wherever it is you intend to work. Who works in offices these days, anyway? That’s so 2000.

This joint degree isn’t for everyone — at least at first. It’s going to be limited at first to students at Johns Hopkins majoring in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics. And why? Because these students tend not to have to do Senior Design Projects as seniors, so they have the time to focus their energies and studies elsewhere.

Ivy Coach applauds Johns Hopkins for offering this pretty unique program. It is a university that has a history of going against the grain and doing things its own way. Like with covered grades!


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