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Contrary to popular belief, money talks in the game of highly selective college admission.”

There’s a new trend in highly selective college admission. Well, actually let’s reclassify that statement completely. It’s a trend that is now getting some press with a recent article in the “New York Times.” But that doesn’t mean it’s new. We’ve been on top of this trend for quite some time. And that trend is that money talks in the highly selective college admission process. Colleges may release PR statements that they’re all about diversity and that they’re need blind but the fact is: Money. Still. Talks.

In fact, in the “New York Times” article describing a study conducted by “Insider Higher Ed,” “10 percent of the admissions directors at four-year colleges — and almost 20 percent at private liberal-arts schools — said that the full-pay students they were admitting, on average, had lower grades and test scores than other admitted applicants.” And, according to the same survey, 22% of admissions counselors at four-year colleges even came out and said that with the weak economy in mind, they’re more apt to look at a candidate’s ability to pay the full way.

What do you think of this trend? It’s a trend that isn’t even exclusive to highly selective colleges – though it does indeed hold true at these schools – but rather it’s the case throughout American education right now. Do you think it’s unethical? Do you think it runs counter to the American dream? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below. And be sure to check out our newsletter on highly selective college admissions as well as our newsletter on need blind college admission.


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