High School Students Should Use This Time as a Reset

Ivy Coach offers a one-hour college admissions evaluation so students can start correcting mistakes before they become mistakes that hurt their case for admission.

There is only so much meditation and only so many pushups one can do during these unscheduled days at home. In lieu of a Netflix binge, we would argue that there is no better time than the present for high school students and their parents to set up a one-hour college admissions evaluation so we can correct mistakes students have been making — in their coursework, testing, extracurriculars, summer plans, etc. — while there is still time to correct course. And, yes, even high school juniors still have an opportunity to correct course.

Ivy Coach’s One-Hour Evaluation is a Reset and a Roadmap

Maybe a student is involved in all sorts of community service activities and sports and leadership roles. Maybe they’re a member of Key Club, the swim team, and they do some science research when they aren’t shadowing doctors. If that’s the case, know that these sorts of activities will not wow college admissions officers at our nation’s elite colleges. No, highly selective college admissions officers seek to admit students who are singularly talented — not well-rounded — and that singular talent needs to be interesting. A big part of Ivy Coach’s one-hour evaluation is figuring out what that singular thing — that hook — can be and how they can then demonstrate that hook through their extracurriculars and summer plans through the rest of high school.

Another big part of Ivy Coach’s one-hour college admissions evaluation focuses on class corrections. You see, many students, but mostly their parents, are under the false assumption that the classes their school has them taking are what they are and there’s nothing that can be done about it. They are also under the false assumption that if a school doesn’t offer certain classes or allow sophomores or juniors to take certain classes that college admissions officers won’t judge that against the student. During this hour, we hone in on correcting these misconceptions and mapping out which classes students should be taking each year of high school — even if it means taking classes outside of their schools concurrently with their other classes or during the summer months.

Ivy Coach’s One-Hour Evaluation is Helpful Whether One Works With Us Beyond the Session or Not

Whether one works with Ivy Coach beyond the one-hour college admissions evaluation or not, you’ll come away with invaluable advice — indeed a road map — from the one-hour session alone. So even if you choose to go it alone or make the mistake of working with a college counselor that doesn’t have Ivy Coach’s reputation or track record, you’ll always have that road map in the back of your heads. You’ll know which way is home. Which is where you should be right now.

If you’re interested in Ivy Coach’s one-hour evaluation, kindly complete our free consultation form and we’ll be in touch within the day to set it up.


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