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August 27, 2022

Helping America’s Veterans Get In

At Ivy Coach, nothing brings us more pride than being in the service of many of America’s veterans.

At Ivy Coach, we are extremely proud to be in the service of America’s veterans. In fact, for several years, Ivy Coach’s pro bono services have been reserved exclusively for veterans of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. And why? Because many of our service-members don’t realize that America’s top universities, including the Ivy League institutions, are within their reach. Maybe they think these schools are all but impossible dreams. But America’s elite universities want to admit veterans — particularly as transfer applicants — and so our mission has long been to help these veterans present themselves in the best way possible to optimize their cases for admission.

We do much of our pro bono work with America’s veterans in the early months of each calendar year since the transfer deadline for most highly selective universities is the beginning of March. During these months, we help them tell their stories — stories that often include service in uniform overseas, some even in active combat. We help them position their work experiences and activities. We help them navigate how they’re going to explain, for instance, poor grades in high school or a not so straightforward path after their service in uniform. We help them issue a dare to admissions officers not to admit these remarkable people who have risked their lives to serve our nation in uniform.

If you’re a veteran of one of the five branches of America’s military, please complete our free consultation form and we’ll then be in touch. While the free consultation — for all but veterans — is designed exclusively to answer questions about Ivy Coach’s services, the free consultation for veterans is chock full of advice. And some of these veterans we subsequently work with through the admissions process. So, veterans, do be in touch. And thank you for your service.

While you’re here, hear from some American veterans who have worked with Ivy Coach in the past. We’re so very proud of them!

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