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August 7, 2020

Harvard Fall Enrollment

Many Harvard undergraduates won’t be taking courses this fall.

We’ve got some fall enrollment figures for Harvard University that have come in. As The Harvard Crimson reports, more than 20% of undergraduates at Harvard will not be enrolling this fall. Additionally, more than 20% of students in the incoming Class of 2024 have chosen to defer their enrollment — 340 first-year students in all (a figure that typically stands between 80 and 110 students). Of the students in the undergraduate student body who have chosen to enroll, the vast majority will be learning remotely rather than on campus: only 1,168 first-year students and 464 upperclassmen will be living on Harvard’s campus this fall.

As James S. Bikales and Kevin R. Chen write for The Harvard Crimson in a piece entitled “Over 20 Percent of Harvard Undergrads Do Not Intend to Enroll in Fall 2020,” “’While our plan prepared us for as many as 40% of our typical undergraduate population learning in residence, we are currently anticipating a residential cohort size of closer to 25% based on the number of students who have accepted our invitation to learn on campus,’ [Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine] Gay wrote.” So, yes, it’s safe to say that Harvard administrators are disappointed by the number of students who have chosen a.) to enroll this fall and b.) to reside on campus this fall.

Harvard’s fall enrollment figure is about the same as Yale’s. About 80% of Yale’s students will be enrolling this fall. Of these students, more than half will be living within Yale dorms or in the surrounding area, while 25% of Yale’s fall enrollees chose to enroll remotely. As more and more colleges report fall enrollment data, we anticipate similar numbers to the figures coming out of Harvard and Yale. Stay tuned.

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