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The Harvard Early Action figures are out for the year (photo credit: Chensiyuan).

The Harvard Early Action numbers are in. For the Class of 2017, 895 students were admitted to Harvard University via Early Action. Last year, only 774 were admitted, marking an increase of 16%. As you may remember, Harvard’s Early Action pool increased this year by 14.7% as compared to last year, the first year that Early Action was back after four years of being on hiatus. You can read more about the spin Harvard (and Princeton) put on re-instituting Single-Choice Early Action Policies for the Class of 2016 by checking out this post on the Princeton and Harvard Early Action PR.

And what’s the breakdown like for the students admitted via Early Action to Harvard for the Class of 2017? According to “Harvard News,” “‘We continue to make progress in attracting outstanding minority students in our early program,’ said Marlyn E. McGrath, director of admissions. ‘The number of admitted Asian-Americans increased from 170 to 194, African-Americans from 74 to 78, and Native Americans from nine to 14, while the number of Hispanic-Americans declined slightly from 76 to 70, and Native Hawaiian from four to two,’ she said.”

If you were deferred from Harvard this year after applying Early Action, it’s always good to check out the number of deferred students they admitted last year to see where you stand. Last year, Harvard admitted a little over 100 students through Regular Decision who had been deferred through Early Action. So the odds aren’t great, but it is indeed possible should the numbers hold for this year as well (as we expect they will).

Have questions for us on Early Action admission to Harvard? Send them our way and we’ll be sure to answer!


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